Organic Choc Haz Braz Butter (chocolate hazelnut spread) image, on purple background. Made in the UK.
Organic Choc Haz Braz Butter
Organic Choc Haz Braz Butter
Our chocolate hazelnut butter is great in hot chocolate!

Organic Choc Haz Braz Butter

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Our newest product; our 'Choc Haz Braz' nut butter is our take on the ever-promiscuous chocolate spread. 

Try me:
On crêpes or American pancakes, or swirled into hot milk or hot chocolate... :)

Made using toasted hazelnuts, brazil nuts, coconut, cacao powder and Deglet Noir Dates, this very-slightly-sweet spread is a nutty & coconutty no added sugar nut butter, made using only the highest quality ingredients.

(allergens in CAPITALS):
HAZELNUTS, coconut chips, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, BRAZIL NUTS, Deglet Noir dates, cacao & unrefined salt*. (*= verified non-organic).
May contain traces of SESAME or other NUTS.

180g net.
6 month shelf-life remaining, minimum.

Organic Certified
No Added Sugar
No Added Oil
High Fibre
Plastic-Free Certified
Peanut-Free (UKAS laboratory verified)
Gluten-Free (UKAS laboratory verified)

NUTRITION per 100g:
Kj 2667
Calories 645
Fat (saturated) 56.8 (17.5)g
Carbohydrate (sugars) 20.2g (5.6)g
Fibre 8.8g
Protein 17.7g
Salt 0.07g