Soil Association

Upon deciding to start a nut butter company, the first thing founder Mike did was walk down from Horfield in Bristol to the Soil Association's offices in Stoke's Croft, and enquire about certification.

The Soil Association's standards on organic produce are some of the most stringent in the world, and their seal of approval is highly sought after in the UK. Nutcessity have been certified organic with the Soil Association since 2017, giving retailers and consumers like yourself the confidence that we're sourcing organic ingredients in the right manner.

Soil Association Head Offices, Bristol

So how is buying organic products an act of sustainability?

At Nutcessity, we believe buying organic is simply buying goods in the form they should be in; without the routine use of pesticides, antibiotics & toxins - all of which contribute to lowering the price of everyday products - with the unfortunate (and often unforeseen) consequence of lowering the standards of wildlife, habitats & ecosystems. 

To eat, breathe and flourish, humans and millions of other creatures need soil that is fertile, rotated properly and fed with what's tastiest - the sun & rain; wherein lots of implausibly brilliant creatures do all the hard work. Generally, the quality of our soils in the UK is suffering quickly, and we'll soon be struggling to feed our growing populations in years to come. 

This is why buying organic apples, spinach, carrots (and nut butter), as well as clothes, sanitary products and even bedding forms an act of defiance on behalf of our future generations.

Choose organic!

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