Frequently Asked Questions

Each product is made in a gluten-free and peanut-free site, validated by the independent UKAS laboratory checks we’ve had conducted at values of less than 5 parts/million and 1mg/kg respectively.
Please note, all products may contain traces of other nuts, and/or sesame, due to manufacturing methods. The test results are shown below:
Peanut - Caromel Cashew
Peanut - Date & Walnut
Peanut - Coffee & Walnut
Peanut - Gingerbread Almond
Peanut - Choc Haz Braz
Peanut - Maple Pecan
Peanut - Toasted Almond
Peanut - Toasted Cashew
Gluten - Caromel Cashew
Gluten - Date & Walnut
Gluten - Coffee & Walnut
Gluten - Gingerbread Almond
Gluten - Choc Haz Braz
Gluten - Maple Pecan
Gluten - Toasted Almond
Gluten - Toasted Cashew

Sometimes a jar will have visible separation (a layer of liquid or set oil on top). We could avoid this using additives - but there’s no need. Just get in there with a fork and give the nut butter a proper twist and shout!

This depends on the temperature. A warm room will melt the natural coconut oils, whilst a ski slope will keep them solid! We'd suggest you keep it at room temperature before eating, but store cool & dry where possible. It’s best to treat the nut butter like coconut butter; if that makes sense.

Mmmm.. I realise how irritating this is when all you want to do is spread it on toast! This is simply the natural fat from the coconut ‘setting’ at a cool temperature. Put the jar in a little bowl, pour warm water round the jars’ edges and leave for 3 minutes; then the edges of the nut butter will be easy to spread. Or… cut a chunk off & melt onto porridge :)

A 'tree nut' (it's not really one word, but two) is the way we describe the products, as they are all made with nuts that grow on trees, rather than peanuts, which grow on the ground (groundnuts). We're trying to distinguish between 'peanut' and other nuts so a rhyming word like treenut seemed to fit the bill really well. Peanuts are from an entirely separate family than other 'nuts', and are technically a 'pea' rather than a 'nut'. Nutcessity will always be a peanut-free company, due to our founder's peanut allergy.

They are not super-super smooth, (as in, Nutella), but they are much more smooth than crunchy. No 'bits', just smooth, but slightly textured/grainy.

For orders of 3 jars or more, we use our custom-cut FSC certified cardboard boxes, that have individual sections for the nut butters to sit within. This means we don't need to wrap each jar in any additional packaging. It's quite neat, really!
For small orders of 1 or 2 jars, we wrap in newspaper or cardboard roll.

We find that some customers find the flavour of our nut butters much less sweet than they expect. The purpose behind the recipes is to lend a little sweetness and a little saltiness, but not too much - too much and you crave much more.

The feedback we receive time and time again is that after that 3rd or 4th spoonful, the level of sweetness becomes much more palatable, and thereafter, other brands can seem overly sweet and overly salty.

Our nut butters are best before 12 months from the date of production. They will arrive to you with at least 6 months life left, but it's likely they'll contain between 9-11 months.
Once opened, they are best used within 3 months, stored in a cool, dry & dark place if possible. No need for the fridge.

We do, yes. Here's how:

- We're proudly certified organic, and have been since 2016. You can read about why organic agriculture is necessary to protect our environment by clicking through to our certifying body, here.
- We consider our brand to be plastic-free. Our jar packaging is plastic-free, and the packaging we use to send orders to customers and retailers is plastic-free. The only time we use plastic is for shrink-wrapping pallet orders to our wholesale partners; we consider this a necessary use of plastic. We choose glass primarily because it's much easier and quicker to recycle than plastic.
- We have begun partnering with the charity One Life One Tree, for which our founder Mike will be planting Giant Redwood trees in sites around the UK, in turn for the amount of jars we sell. The reason we chose this way of 'carbon-offsetting' is because these particular trees consume Carbon Dioxide at a larger volume than all other trees on the planet, at a rate that accelerates as the trees increase in age. Astounding.


All our products are made in England.

The fruit of this evergreen shrub is called the pod (similar in appearance to a broad bean pod) which is dried, roasted, then ground into a light brown powder. It's used in food as an alternate to cacao - similar in appearance, but without the caffeine or bitterness. The organic Carob we use is from Italy and has an earthy, natural sweetness, plus calcium, fibre & vitamins.

Well - our founder Mike is allergic to peanuts but not tree nuts (i.e. hazelnuts, macadamias etc.). Peanuts (ground nuts) are a completely separate allergen to tree nuts, so the distinction can be very important to some people. Peanuts are actually a lot more closely related to peas (rather than nuts), as they are part of the legume family.

We accept most credit and debit cards, including American Express. We also accept Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal, as well as Klarna, where you can pay 30-days later (interest-free) or in 3 installments.
We also accept cheques and bank transfers, although your order will only be processed once payment is successfully received - so these methods may mean you receive your order later than expected.

If you subscribe to my emails (click here and scroll to the bottom) you’ll get 10% off your first order. Once subscribed I send one or two emails out per month, sometimes with a subscriber only discount code. :)

As a rule, we don't accept cancellations because we need to protect the amount of money we spend (on occasions customers have cancelled after we have paid for delivery).
Please consider carefully before you make your purchase, and be sure to read Nutcessity's terms & conditions.
Of course, on a case by case basis, if you’ve simply changed your mind, we will refund your order if you give us the details at, and the order hasn’t yet been dispatched.

Refunds will be offered on a case by case basis and would be in respect to:
a) Damages or defections,
b) An incorrect quantity of jars,
c) The jars ordered were not the correct variety/varieties,

Please be aware that if you simply do not like the taste or texture of our nut butters, we would love to hear from you to learn about how we can put this right. We don't bite, please do get in touch via: Thank you.

Yes of course! We hope it’s a positive one. You can review us on Google, TrustpilotAmazon or Facebook. Many thanks!