The Great Reserve

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We're delighted to be working with The Great Reserve, a new UK-based organisation taking 'tree planting' to a whole new level - literally!

For every jar of nut butter sold at, 10p is donated to The Great Reserve, for their work planting Giant Sequoias (also known as Giant Redwood trees) in available green land purchased for the project. For every non-UK Sequoia that's planted, 3 native species are planted around it, to promote biodiversity.

Although it takes 200 years for one Sequoia to grow to it's full height, one tree will offset one person's lifetime carbon footprint; since as the trees grow, the amount of CO2 they capture actually accelerates

Have you ever seen a Giant Sequoia in the bark? Here is an approximate scale illustration of a mature Oak and Giant Sequoia.

Nutcessity Nut Butter | Giant Redwood Mature Oak

A Sequoia Grove can capture as much as 10 times more CO2 per acre than a natural UK woodland over the period of 100 years.

Planting is now continuing in Abergavenny, Wales, with the project gaining press coverage from Fox News in America and the BBC in the UK.