We're doing all we can to reduce the impact on the environment that our packaging has. 

We choose glass because, although it's heavier and therefore more costly to transport than plastic, it's much easier and quicker to recycle. And, it's infinitely recyclable. Once more, glass is much safer than plastic to re-use again and again (i.e. to store seeds or carry yoghurt in), as some plastics, at least the ones that contain BPA, can interfere with the body's hormones - production of and response to.

We pack your order in FSC certified cardboard boxes, either from Boxes & Packaging or Kite Packaging, and when necessary, wrap your jars in used newspaper, which Mike picks up from his Grandparents, or from his local post office in Compton Martin. We seal your boxes in paper tape, also from Kite.

Our labels are plastic-free, supplied by Leicester-based Label A Peel, and they peel off for recycling easily when soaked in warm water. 

Our caps have a thin trace of PVC plastic; we can only begin buying plastic-free lids once we can purchase 250,000 at any one time - and we're not quite at that stage yet! These lids are also recyclable.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, please contact: Thanks!