Our Story

Hi, I’m Mike.
I’m 28, allergic to peanuts, but tree nut butter obsessed. 🤤
Whilst at University in Australia in 2013, I had my first taste of nut butter. It was, without hyperbole, a total revelation. With an International Business degree behind me, and after lots of experimenting, questioning & travelling, I started Nutcessity after my role as a team leader with the voluntary charity Raleigh Tanzania, in August 2016.
Nutcessity exists to make delicious organic nut butters that contain no peanuts or gluten; no palm oil or added sugar. They taste great and make you feel great.
For over 3 years I made all my nut butter myself from my home kitchen, with the aid of various blenders. Because of such high demand, I started working with a specialist UK manufacturer in February 2020, who've made the products taste even better than before.
I now live in Frome, Somerset with my partner Lucie (of Bath Culture House) and enjoy shopping at my local store, The Garden Cafe.
Thanks for reading and I really hope you love our nut butter!
Mike Duckworth

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