Our Charity Partner

We're proud & excited to be partnering with Frank Water, the Bristol-based clean water & sanitation charity founded by Katie Alcott MBE in 2005.

Katie Alcott MBE photo

We are constantly in awe of the work Katie and her team do in Indian & Nepalese communities; fighting to help the 1 in 10 people who have no access to safe water; a resource we take for granted here in the UK.

Frank Water focuses on groups cut off from society by geography, poverty or caste. During projects, 100% of the community is involved, so that people take ownership over the water system that they’ve helped design and develop. Of particular focus is the role of women and girls in communities.

Woman with pump in India

As a 'Rainmaker' (don't you love that!), Nutcessity gives 1% of profits each year to Frank Water, and all revenue donated for our nut butter recipe book also go straight to their charitable efforts.


Frank Water logo image