Buddy Creative Re-Brand Nutcessity

Buddy Creative Re-Brand Nutcessity

In April 2020 our founder Mike approached the team at Buddy Creative, a design agency based in Exeter who he'd earlier met at the Source Trade Show earlier in the year. Choosing to undertake a branding upgrade was a conscious decision, born out of a desire to move to a more eye-catching, bold, simple design for each of the Nutcessity flavours, in a new jar size that was stackable (the previous jar type did not shelf-stack - very annoying for retail workers)!

Nutcessity Nut Butter | Old Branding

Old Design, by Drawesome Illustration


Mike worked primarily with David Jones, who showed empathy, creativity and a breadth of knowledge when it came to deciding on final designs to push forward. They both found the final stages of whittling down a shortlisted order of designs both interesting and difficult!

Nutcessity Nut Butter | Design Development

Design Development. Nearly there!


Having felt white text on slightly darker backgrounds would 'jump out' on the shelf a little more than black text, we proceeded to the designs we have today. First, digital renders of the designs are produced, taking the specifications of the glass jar and the rough colour of the product inside, before the final label designs are approved and passed on to our brilliant label printer, Label A Peel, based in Leicester. Lead times for labels printed and delivered can take anywhere between 14-28 days, depending on the season and current client-run. 

Our labels are printed on a plastic-free material called Tintoretto Gesso, an FSC certified material which is felt-marked and designed to withstand liquid well (i.e. when submerged). 

We also felt the gold foil application on the brand name 'Nutcessity' really stood out, anchoring the brand as premium and gift-worthy.

Buddy Creative's summary of working with us can be found on this page.

We hope you love our new(ish) branding as much as we do!