Maca, Carob & Cashew

Maca, Carob & Cashew


A moorish, earthy alternate to a chocolate nut spread.

Best with chunks of banana or on warm crumpets...

The Carob plant is a flowering evergreen shrub whilst the powder is made from the roasted and ground pod. High in calcium, zinc & iron, carob powder is slightly sweet and contains no caffeine. From Italy.

Maca is a Peruvian root vegetable that's rich in vitamin B6, iron, calcium & protein. It's a caramel-like, malty, subtly sweet partner to the cashew nuts & coconut flakes in this earthy nut spread.



roasted cashew nuts (35%), toasted coconut flakes (33%), roasted pumpkin seeds, carob powder (5%) & maca powder (2%).



Calories: 559

Fat (saturated): 47.4g (22.4g)

Carbohydrate (sugars): 19.8g (7.2g)

Fibre: 8.9g

Protein: 14.7g

Salt: 0.3g

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