Organic nuts are free from pesticides & incredibly dense in nutrients, providing loads of the vitamins & minerals your body needs to keep tick, tick, ticking away productively.

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Nuts make your brain swell, not your belly. Their low 'glycemic index' keeps you satisfied. You're peckish: say you choose a chocolate éclair rather than strawberries dipped in nut butter. Both snacks contain the same number of calories, but the éclair will send signals to your brain advising you for more, whilst also reducing your insulin resistance. Choose the fruit/nut snack in the first place and this won't happen. Energy drainers vs. energy givers...


ALMONDS are rich in the all-important B vitamins (especially Riboflavin - which helps to seamlessly convert food into energy) & vitamin E - keeping your skin lookin' lovely and fresh... They're also high in protein (21%) and heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fats.

BRAZIL NUTS are high in selenium (for regulating your hormones), essential fats (for improving heart health) and vitamin E (for good skin health). Their natural 'creaminess' contributes to a particularly silky spread...

CASHEW NUTS are high in magnesium (known to improve memory), iron (for dispersing oxygen around the body) and zinc (for body repair). They're roasted before blending, to add a particularly deep, nutty flavour to each spoonful - and a little crunch too...

COCONUT FLAKES are high in medium chain triglyceride (MCT) fats - good for your brain health, metabolism and digestive tract. As a result, rather than make you fat, their high fat content actually aids in fat loss. High in a number of vitamins & minerals, including manganese, potassium & vitamin C.

PUMPKIN SEEDS are one quarter protein and particularly rich in magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese & phosphorus. Their deep flavour after roasting lends a suitably deep, nutritious undertone to the Carob, Gingerbread & Espresso varieties. Green giant.

SUNFLOWER SEEDS add a rich, deep nuttiness to the Cashew, Brazil & Coconut & Salted Date & Walnut varieties. They're rich in vitamin E, folates & tryptophan: an amino acid which aids in the production of serotonin, helping us to relax.

WALNUTS are particularly high in essential omega-3 fatty acids; excellent for brain health. They're also rich in antioxidants, plus the amino acid l-arginine - great for maintaining heart health. And gentlemen? They're known to improve sperm quality too!


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