Hey, I’m Mike; maker of flavoursome, authentic nut butters without the faff. 



When on exchange in Australia in 2013, I had my first taste of nut butter. It was, without hyperbole, a total revelation. Having been diagnosed with a peanut allergy and being unsure about eating nuts, nut butter wasn’t part of my vocabulary until I started my final year of Uni...


…With an International Business degree behind me, and after lots of experimenting, questioning, focus groups & travelling, I eventually started Nutcessity when I came back from working with the voluntary organisation, Raleigh Tanzania, in August 2016.

I make every jar of nut butter myself in Warwick [in a converted back room in my folks’ house]. Each one is free from added sugar, preservatives and oil. Laden with good energy, not bad vibes. I hope you enjoy my nut butter!

Food > Interest > Hobby > Obsession > Project > Business

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Plant-Based, Paleo, Organic, No Gluten, No Peanuts, No Added Oil or Sugar, Protein Source, High Fibre

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